Frequently Asked Questions!

Q - You’re deaf?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Q - For how long?

Since I was born.

Q - How do you draw so fast?

The answer I usually give people is, “draw a lot in a moving car for most of your drawing experience early on,” because that’s what happened - I got used to making quick movements and not undoing things.

A better, more concise answer is to not be a perfectionist, because that often bites you in the rear; you’ll redo things multiple times again and again.

Q - Why’s your art so fluffy??

Because growing up with my big sister, she drew everything fluffy up to and including things like Groudon, Greymon, etc., and I just kind of took that in; I’m influenced by a lot of things and honestly, I have a lot of fun drawing the fuzziness and stuff!

It makes me happy when people like it! So I guess to sum that up, I draw everything fuzzy because it means a lot to me, since for me, my family is important; they always encouraged me to draw and stuff and I and my big sister (as well as little sister) drew together a lot, and ofc, my older sibling inspired me!

Q - You didn’t answer me (on specific site or email)!

I’m much more active on certain sites than others and I don’t check my email much. The sites I am on a lot are marked (Active) either on the Hub, or on the sidebar there!

Q - Can you do (insert specific type)?

Check my Can you? page! It has everything I can do, with links to examples as well. If there’s something that’s not there or easy to find, let me know and I’ll amend it.

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