Can you do this?? examples!

Can you draw robots or mechs or (insert more)?

This also includes “mechanical” things, like robot arms, robots, or proshetics.

can you do humans?

Yes! I tend to like drawing them somewhat chub/round-faced since that’s how I am and it helps me feel better about myself. If you don't like that, please consider commissioning somebody else.

Can you do bugs?

Bam, I *adore* drawing bugs. Oh boy oh boy.

Can you draw wings?

I can do wings; lots of different kinds - bug kinds, bird-like ones, bat ones, dragon ones...

Can you draw (insert fantastical creature/croot here)?

Sure I can! Here's very few examples here; and you can check my art pages (to the right) for more examples in general!

Can you draw pooltoys or such similiar?

I sure can!

Can you draw chimeras/mixes of things?


Can you draw gooey/slime characters??

Heck yeah!

Can you draw weapons or (other kinds of props)?

Yeah! I need to practice them, so more are welcome!

Can you draw effects like fire and whatnot?

Heck yeah! I vary how I draw these quite a bit from picture to picture, but overall, this should cover it pretty well.

Can you draw these complicated coat patterns (like calico or tortoiseshell or so-forth)?

Yes! Complex fees may not apply to all of these, as I’m pretty comfortable doing things like this.

Can you draw feral-like animals?

Usually, yes! My pkmn page has good examples, as does my Digimon page, and other various monster tags (like Yokai Watch or Dragon quest. But for unspecific fandom-stuff, you can look no further than here!

can you draw aquatic things (like fishes, manatees, and so-forth)?


Can you do birds and stuff?

Of course!

How about zombies?

Yeah!! These are weird but fun to do!

What about armor??

Yes! This also includes "complicated clothes" (like big dresses with lots of details) sometimes.


I do nsfw! but i don't and will not talk about, or show anything, here or anywhere else; only in private. Please PM me for details, and 18+ ONLY.

Is something you want not here or in my usual commission styles? Feel free to Inquire about it!

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