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Robots & Mechas

This also includes “mechanical” things, like robot arms, robots, or even part-mechas.

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Yes! I tend to like drawing them somewhat chub/round-faced since that’s how I am and it helps me feel better about myself. If you don't like that, please consider commissioning somebody else.

-This is specifically human-like with no taur parts, for that you can head to "Body types or Animal Types.

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All sorts of wings do here (to be filled out even more later):
Feathered, Bat, Fairy, moth/butterfly, etc.

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Animals & such

In this category things here go here:
-Anthros/furries, quad animals (like cats and such), plants
-Bugs, dragons, snakes, any kind of animal that you may want to see how I draw

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"Weird Forms"

This section covers things that often people just plain like:
-Goop/Slime/Goo; Plushies; Pooltoy; Candy/Food; Pinatas; Figurines; Etc.

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Body Types

This covers all sorts of bodies: Skinny, fat, muscle, pear shapes, etc.

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I vary how I draw these quite a bit from picture to picture, but overall, this should cover it pretty well.

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This is for things I consider "complex" and may charge more for (the complexity fee is listed per ocmmission type in prices) down here. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't; it's all up to how I feel. If you're unsure if I'd charge, just ask and I'll tell you.

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Clothes & Armor

This is just an mixed thing, and props also count here, though these tend to have the complexity fee tacked on regardless.

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Lovey-Dovey things

If you want something sweet and cuddly, here's some I've done!

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Not fluffy

If you want something specifically de-fluffed, you have to explicitly ask for it, otherwise I default to fluffy most of the time. Here it is if I do defluffed.

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I do offer "weird" stuff, such as transformation, inflatables, plushies, macro and micro, etc. Please check my prices page for some examples.
Unsure about if I'll do an "weird" thing? Please shoot me an message.

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I do not offer NSFW, so please do not ask!

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Is something you want not here or in my usual commission styles? Feel free to Inquire about it!

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