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April 16, 2019

It's been a while since an update, eh? I've been pretty in/out and busy doing some personal stuff, but I've been trying to do work and get commissions to boost stuff too.

my OC PDF is on sale for $5 USD now; you can reach me at my Contact page and send me an message. However, Twitter and Discord are the best bets for reaching me.

There's been some updates to the latest page, too, and I've rehauled my commissions price page to show better examples of more present art.

A couple of the advice pages have had some additions too!

April 1, 2019 ~ April 2, 2019

Hey! Lots of changes! Lots of new pages! Mostly "fun" pages!

Like The fact that I've been lying about my art style for literal decades now, this page Where I compare the drawings I've specifically redrawn to show progress, another page with testimonies to my style... And a few updates to the Latest art page too!

There's ALSO an "Feed Page" where you can read my twitter and my digimon tumblr easily from here if you so desire. Edit, april 2 2019: Oh jeez the tumblr feed's not working. Lemme know how to fix that if you know how!

Later I'll make March news its own page! Gosh!

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