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Feb - 1 - 2019

Updated a bunch of art pages, and rehauled the Latest page sliiiiightly.

Hopefully it's easier to see at a glance now!

Decided I didn't need a couple pages so I did away with them. (Who but me is interested in what I made in what program, after all?

I'll move the jan news to its own page later, but for now you get to see the jan news here.

I fixed up a few gifs I'd forgotten too! so hopefully they look nice.

Jan - 26 - 2019

There's an guidebook to medibang page now! Check it out if you're confused about some things in medibang!

Additionally, I remembered to finally add the stream page to the sidebar. :P oops.

Jan - 21 - 2019

Uploads of art!

there's now an "am I streaming?" page! Now you don't need to have an picarto account (for picarto notitifer) or to follow my twitter to see if I'm streaming!

Additionally, there's now a super cute loading gif that tells you when stuff is loading! It's so cute.

Jan - 15 - 2019

More uploads of art to latest and various pages! Enjoy the art!

A small change has been made to the news page too, so it's easier to find that i do commissions! Art is great, wouldn't you agree?

The resources page has now been rehauled slightly, but ive yet to add a lot of things to it.

Jan - 11 - 2019

Updates have been done to the fandom page to make it easier to navigate and find certain arts from certain things.

A few pages have been updated with latest art, and some latest art has also been uploaded!

For example, take a look at this series of pictures, showing quite a bit of improvement on the same picture and subject!

The improvement is pretty sheer, right? You too can improve this much if you just keep at it!

I plan to work on the articles more, as well as rehaul the "resources" page so it's easier to find certain things for certain things... like procreate brushes or such.

There's a lot to do! I hope y'all have a nice January!

Jan - 6 - 2019

Wow, it's weird to have it be January already. Well... I'll be trying to archive things re: news as far as months. So for that, head to the Old News archive.

There's been some new additions to the Latest art page.

To do list:

-Work on Digimon article
-Work on getting more resources together
-Put new pictures on each invidivual page (this will take a bit)
-Work on style page
-Think of more things to put here
-Work on other pages

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