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June 10

Been working on an special project. Stay tuned in!

A hint is it will be a companion to my Sugimori and Spotting a Fakemon artpages.

A couple of pieces have been added to the latest art page.

May has been added to its own news page.

The Affilates page has been created properly!

June 6

You might've noticed updates here are getting to be a lot slower and more sprodiac, and my presence on twitter's been slowing too. Well, I've been pretty distracted and busy these days.

We've moved off our move date from July to potentially August to allocate for an safety net, and so my mom can build a bit of one herself. We're not sure about some things, but we'll figure them out.

I'll give may news its own page a while later, but not right now.

The latest page has been updated with some things.

I've been practicing at an less-fluffy style, and I've found it helps me to do lineless easier, so that's an interesting discovery.

I'm not sure the kind of thing people want to see from me; like would people like to see introspectives on how drawing in such a weird style (Fluffy style) is? Would they rather me just stick to posting art and posting resources?

I'll probably end up gutting a few of the pages sometime, as I feel some of them probably won't culminate in a point at all, so if you had interest in one of them, let me know and I'll put it back up.

Included in the cut:
-Petsites reviews
-Why digimon?
-Pokemon "clones">

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